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Thread: Upgraded to SH647 Voltage Regulator. Glad I did.

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    Upgraded to SH647 Voltage Regulator. Glad I did.

    My 08 never reached 14v charging and my instrument cluster flickered very fast, like a fluorescent light with the ballast going bad. And the stock Ducati shunt-type VR added a lot of heat under the seat where there's already a lot of heat.

    These things are supposed to have air blowing over them but the little opening in the fairing for air to get at it is usually covered by your leg when riding so not a great design.

    After reading all the boards I bought the Shindengen SH847 from Roadstercycle. No use going half-way with a Mofset type. That won't save your stator long term as it's still a shunt type.

    If you decide to go this route you'll want to order the kit with 2 feet of extra stator wire (total of 3 feet) so cost delivered is $215.

    The SH647 is sized like it was made to fit the rear fender on the Buel, directly in front of the license plate. It sits in there perfectly and lines up with the license plat bracket screws. Plenty of air flow back there though these "series" type VRs get much less hot. Only potential issue I see is it getting water all over it if driven in heavy rain, though that shouldn't harm it.

    I routed my stator wires through the opening shared with the turn signal. The battery wires could use the other turn signal opening but I opted to run it under the fender so I wouldn't have to cut the red wire. The reason you'd have to cut the red wire is that it comes with a "Shortstop" circuit breaker installed and it's much to large to route through that small opening.

    By going along the fender the install is easy. Other than screwing it on and routing the cables you just have to connect the three stator wires from your stator plug to the three wires going to the new VR. The kit comes with everything you need whether you solder them or just crimp them.

    The whole thing took less than an hour.

    Went for an hour long drive in 90 degree heat today. Steady 14.1v, except under hard acceleration it would drop to 13.6. At idle when hot it would drop to 13.

    And the flickering is gone from the cluster.

    Money well spent I think.


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    Nice upgrade. I have a tail eliminator on my CR, so I would probably opt to install the stator up front between the radiators, near the oil cooler, though. I don't think it would have any issues cooling itself mounted pretty much anywhere, however. My XB12 has the stator up front.

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    I don't think cooling is much of an issue with these series regulators. Even after long rides in the summer heat it's just warm, never hot. The stock one was scorching hot after every ride.

    I've noticed an odd side effect though. With the stock regulator removed there's now a little more air space under the seat and the vent opening in the tail piece is now no longer partially blocked. On mine I get some noticeable heat being pushed out of that opening when the bike is hot and moving. I can't feel it unless I'm wearing thin fabric but it's definitely hotter on the left than the right side.

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