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Thread: New Battery: fan keeps running

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    Quote Originally Posted by rchuff View Post
    Silverrider is always finding Craigslist adds so what's your point.
    Exactly! He found the advertisement, registered new user and posted the picture from the advertisement turning it 90 deg to hide the crime. The only thing he did not expect is that posting the link to this advertisement here is going highlight his crime.

    The only way to clean his reputation if nameso will post some pictures of this motorcycle here which are not presented in the advertisement and maybe adjust the advertisement by our request. I do not think that Silverrider created this advertisement, so assuming this is not his advertisement and not his crime the advertisement can be modified and some unique pictures can be posted here. Well, in this case actually all suspects from GregoXB list can be removed.
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    Jeez, This is all going off the deep end in a big hurry. Time for all participants to back off several notches and take a deep breath.

    Come on, this is a help and share forum, not a big D**K waving place. Light tales and stories are all good, but this thread is just plain vicious.


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    I just feel bad for the guy trying to sell that motorcycle on Craigslist. He is gonna get a whole bunch of questions about damage from crossing the battery terminals. Unknown to him that some disgruntled troll on Buellxb is playing games with his post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rchuff View Post
    Silverrider is always finding Craigslist adds so what's your point.
    If you take the word “Silverrider” and rearrange the letters (and add or subtract a few) it spells “troublemaker”.

    If you do the same to the word “troublemaker” you get “lunaticfringe”.

    Just sayin’

    SR and LF are in my book. Lol

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    I am closing the thread on the request of some members. FYI, I also checked if the OP created a duplicate account, but found no proof of that. None of the IPs match with any other existing accounts.

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