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    Prospective owner


    I've no bike.......................yet. Looking at a 2006 XB9 Lightning on CL. Asking price is $2500 but it's not running due to bad relay. Owner says he'll change the relay and make it run. I'll need to hear it run and ride it to give that amount. Second owner, bought with 1500 miles, currently 21k. He claims 200 miles on the new rear tire and drive belt. Bike needs a battery. What should I look for if and when I go to see the bike?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Something is coming off as fishy on this one. If I was selling my perfectly fine motorcycle that only needed a relay, I would just go buy a new relay and post the bike up for sale. Why in God's name would he not have done that????? He is running an ad for a bike now that sounds like it has a problem, and to me that's a big turnoff. Either that or he is just that stupid and is to dumb to go buy an $11 relay and post up a PERFECTLY good running motorcycle.

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    george: completely agree with wallys' statement above. considering that the bike is NOT rare.....and is NOT an exceptional deal considering year/model/mileage.....i would send seller the following love-note when you have motivation to look AND cash in hand:
    "Hello. my name is George. saw your Buell on CL and interested. i have cash in hand for the right bike and actively looking. do you have a clean title to it in your name and would you be so kind as to contact me as soon as you have it running and rideable? thanks much."

    absolutely positively DO NOT even consider buying it unless you can hear it run and ride it around the block.

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