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Thread: Broke an exhaust retaining strap - safe to ride?

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    Broke an exhaust retaining strap - safe to ride?

    I was headed up a road that google maps suggested had some good corners on it, and there was an unmarked speed bump on it (same color as road, no sign, etc) and i ended up hitting it far too fast (didn't even see it, didn't even try to brake). Launched my butt out of the seat a bit, feet stayed on thankfully, and snapped the front retainer strap.

    The exhaust itself is amazingly intact, a small dent that was already there has a fresh superficial scrape on it (guess the PO did the same or hit a bad pothole; the bike did live in alaska before i owned it) but other than that no damage.

    I ordered a strap already. Would you ride on it in the meantime? Both rear straps are fine and there is the front clamp to the header which is intact/fine/tight.

    Also before anyone tells me, I know this was DUMB of me.

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    I would wait for strap. Muffler is hanging by header now and could crack it do to vibration. That's my advice you do what you like it's your bike. Plus run the risk of breaking one of the back ones
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    NAPA sells similar straps, not quite the quality as OEM but they do work. You could get one, put it on and go riding until the new one arrives.

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    Would you ride on it in the meantime?

    what Ricky and Ed said. absolutely do NOT ride it without necessary strap replacement. without doing so will break the exhaust header in short order.

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    I'll park it. thanks, guys.

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    A long hose clamp will suffice in the meantime. A 'T-clamp' type of strap is all it is, a good parts store or any marine store will have one that is exactly like OEM

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    Got mine (hose clamp) at an HVAC/Plumbing supply house, think it was an 8" clamp and it worked fine until I went over a speed bump in a shopping center (mine's and Scg) but had a spare with me.

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