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Thread: 02 Sensor

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    02 Sensor

    Hi .

    I have picked up an 05 xb12r Firebolt .
    Bike came fitted with a "rapid bike " fuelling module .
    After running for about 5 minutes the " check engine " light comes on .
    I got an ecmspy cable and software and found the only error to be " 02 sensor lean " .
    Is there some way of disabling or bypassing the 02 sensor .
    I don`t want to run around with the check engine light .


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    but i do know the following: ALL XB models typically don't take kindly to "add-on" tuner modules.
    i owned a 2009 and 2010 ulysses models and each had a little "tuner" gizmo on it. started perfectly....30 seconds after start-up the CEL(check engine light) activated.....stayed illuminated for approx. 2 minutes....then extinguished. consistently dumped fault code #13(O2 sensor) into memory. both bikes ran flawlessly. neither bike "ran around" with the CEL activated.
    the site ecm gurus have traditionally been Gunter....Xopti.....Midget....ich. historically as memory serves me all have said that deactivation of the O2 sensor is a horrible idea.
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    The Rapid Bike module most likely utilizes the O2 sensor, so disabling/bypassing the sensor while having the module still connected would probably compound the issue.
    If the previous owner can't provide any history, best bet is to remove the Rapid Bike module and confirm that the CEL stays off after a period of driving around.

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    I totally agree. Do NOT disable the O2 sensor. DO remove the gizmo thing and see if that clears the code (it will take a few ignition cycles and miles)

    There could be MANY reasons why the CEL is on. The O2 sensor code is telling you the area to look, not specifically the part to replace. Start with proper diagnosis.
    You will find a free copy of the service manual at or

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    When I bought my SS, someone had installed a Dobek fuel controller on it. While it seemed to run OK, the bike had a boatload of stored codes, most of which I'm sure were contributed to the controller.

    It seems the newer method of uploading a map with Buelltooth/ECMDroid/ECMSpy is the way to go.

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