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Thread: AFV cylinder difference keeps running out of control.

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    AFV cylinder difference keeps running out of control.


    Bought a 2009 1125cr with 7230km

    It had a K&N airfilter, Exan Slip-on muffler and a Power Commander 5.
    Both 02 sensors where disconnected.

    Bike ran like **** and I decided to rip out the PC...

    Plugged everything back togheter and did a TPS reset.

    Went out on a 175km run and suddenly the engine light came on.
    Pulled over and a friend plugged his buellthooth in.

    Error code ”AFV cylinder difference too high”
    Front fuel adapt was set to 147% and rear 87%.

    Reseted it to 100/100 and clear the error codes, made a TPS-reset, value 2.0

    When I got home I checked the diagnostics mode and found out that the AFV is it is on it`s way again..

    TPS-precent 1.5
    Voltage 0.5

    Front 02 sensor voltage 0.4
    Rear 02 sensor voltage 0.4

    Front adapt fuel 109.5
    Rear adapt fuel 85.5

    I`m confused since this should at least be the other way around?

    Have cleaned the 02 sensor connectors and double checked that they are plugged in correctly..

    Any advice?

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    "Both O2 sensors"? On an '09? If the header and sensor were added, you can use the ECMDroid program you have (with the Buelltooth) to make sure "front O2" is enabled.

    But first, proper diagnosis is to continue your effort to make it stock take the add-on Power Commander thing off the bike. They are completely unnecessary (for years) now that the stock ECM has been jail-broken. Any tune you get for a similar muffler will most likely be MUCH better than any add-on P.C. thing that just fakes the sensor inputs.

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