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Thread: XB12scg Seat Trade

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    XB12scg Seat Trade

    Hey all, new to the forum so hopefully this post is in the correct place. I just picked up an '05 XB12scg, great bike but could use a little more leg room (I'm 6'1, long legs for my height). I am fairly certain I have the 'low' seat version, does someone know what code/stamp/etc to look for on the seat to verify? Assuming I'm correct and DO have a low seat, I'm looking to swap with someone who has a normal 'S' seat so I can get an extra inch or 2 in leg room. I'm in Minneapolis MN, if anyone is in the area an wants to get together.


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    I don't have one for a regular XB, but I know its really easy to pull out the staples and add some foam, then re-staple it. Just an idea

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    Check out this 'custom' seat company. They add a comfort pad to an existing seat. They might be able to add height or at least not cut down the insert.

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