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Thread: Stripped/Worn out threads :(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cooter View Post
    I agree that timeserts are better Nicholas 900. I was avoiding the cost argument for the one time user. A whole 1/4"-20 heli-coil kit with the bit, installer and a bunch of inserts can be found at a local Ace True Value for less than 10 bucks
    Yup. There's nothing wrong with heli-coils. I just think the timeserts are a better design. The cost difference is significant though. Now that I have most of the install kits it's a cheap process to order more inserts.
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    Totally agree ^^^^ and I like nice tools I think they seal better against pressure as well. It wouldn't be an issue for the OP as there's no pressure the primary.

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    oh this is an excellent idea also nicholas900!!

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