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Thread: Beson Exhaust Price

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    Beson Exhaust Price

    Last year I traded my fire bolt for a supermoto, Iíve been kicking myself ever sense haha, and the guy wanted to stock exhaust on. I had picked up this exhaust system that I believe is a Beson race exhaust. It is a bit ugly and super loud. Iím not really sure what it is worth or if people are interested in it. I was going to put it on eBay but wanted to ask on here because Iím just not really sure what to list it at but I want it out of my garage.
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    Whats with all the test ports? Is it some kind of dyno set up?

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    Not 100% sure it's a Beson, although it does look similar to one. Bungs are for tuning, although neither one are in the correct position, they should be above the horizontal line at a minimum to prevent moisture from collecting in the sensors. Premature failure from water vapor is typical.
    The can is not one I've ever seen on a Beson either, almost looks like a short Flowmaster or something.

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    I don’t know if it’s a beson either but I posted up a while ago and that’s what a few people said. I thought it looked like a dean Adams but way uglier. I assumed the dual test ports were for tuning but not really sure. I agree the can is square which is something I’ve never seen either but I’m no expert. Like I said I don’t know if there is a market for this mutt but that’s why I turned to you guys

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    To be honest if someone buys that you are one lucky guy! That pipe is real hurt looking but it might sell.

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