So some years back I purchased an 05 cityx with about 25k on it. It wasn't in the best shape. I changed clutch cables, brakes, plastics, oil, and air filter.

After riding for a couple years, I have put in a K&N air filter, added a D&D, and fixed any niggling issues I have come across.

Now the bad. After a couple front end washouts (due to a crap front tire), it sat for a little too long. Bad battery, dirty injectors, bad coil?, bad plugs. Tried doing some myself and got both cylinders firing.

I know for sure it needs tuned. Could probably use at least new valve seals. I have exactly ZERO maintenance history on this bike and can't diagnose all its issues myself. I don't have the ability to tune it.

I love this bike and don't want to let her go, but she's just not as fun as she should be. Please help guys.

Of anyone is local and could get on this thing for me I could really use the help. Ozark, MO 65721

... I feel like I have a sick child. (And I have four healthy "human" children)