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Thread: 2009 ullysses XT new owner

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    2009 ullysses XT new owner

    Hi all,
    End of May I flew out west ,picked up my "new" Buell and rode it back home to Ontario. What a rocket ship on the highway
    and in the twisties , I love it. For a short wheelbase it is surprisingly smooth.

    Not so much love in stop and go traffic, first gear too high as I have read. But that's OK as I'll use it mostly for touring ,will have to find something else for around town. The last H-D product I owned was in the "70's and all I have to say is "wow, light , nimble , fast".

    Anyways , I bought it because it had low mileage , was well maintained and wasn't mechanically messed with (eg: exhaust , computer, etc.) . It did however come with a custom sort of graphics called hydro-dip with a "lost souls" motif on the front fender , chin fairing , tank cover , bikini fairing ,bags and trunk . It's well done but I'm over 60 and I'm passed that sort of thing.

    So ....if anyone here would like to do a swap I can meet you half way or we can let the Postal service do the traveling.


    ps: as soon as I figure out how to post a pic ,I will . Or send me your e-mail address and I'll send you pics.

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    First off welcome, that being said, the members will come on and say, " without pics, it never happened "
    I'm well over 60 and can't go fast enough !
    Yes, it's a rocket ship for the first 8th of a mile after that, it's a sloth at least compared to my Triumph but, still so great to ride it doesn't have to be fast.

    Good luck with it.

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    Congrats on the new-to-you bike! I'm in the same boat so we can be newbies together! Whereabouts in Ontario are you located?

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