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Thread: New-to-Me '08!

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    New-to-Me '08!

    Just finalized the registration over to me yesterday so here is my 2008 XB12X in Barricade Orange! Traded my '02 VFR and some cash with a fellow rider who also needed a change. New to Buell but not V-twins, had an SV650S once before. This girl's got almost twice the displacement! Here's a couple pics on the first day I picked her up!

    Already ordered a Buelltooth, K & N Filter, some new NGK iridium spark plugs, AMSOIL 20w50 oil and a filter to do a primary fluid & oil change.

    It's been awhile since I've had a new-to-me bike - exciting! I've heard good things about the Buell community, looking forward to being a part!



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    Welcome, Great Bike !!!! One of Buells Best!

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    Great bike, I have the same in black.


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    Welcome iamthedruman! Great job getting those pics posted first thing. Love the orange paint scheme. Very nice. Enjoy!

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    Congrats! You'll have too much fun with it!

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    Thanks all. Coming from a VFR800, the seating position is FAR more comfortable! I also love not having to wring the heck out of it to scoot along!

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