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Thread: Gonna take the leap. Thanks!

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    Gonna take the leap. Thanks!


    I have a chance to buy an '03 XB9S with 8.8k miles for around $2300. Completely stock. I'm not
    much of a sport rider anymore, but used to be. My favorite bike out of the 12 I have
    owned was a '91 Honda CB-1. The Buell
    reminds me of that bike a lot.
    I already have a '16 Honda F6B, which is my 2-up, travelling bike. Looking for something
    just for me. After reading through some of your posts, I'm not nearly as worried
    about getting it as I was last week. If I make the best decision, you will be hearing
    more from me.


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    Good price buy it !! Show us a pic. Fun bike !

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    Yeah, it didn't happen without pics !

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    That is a really good deal! I have a 03 xb9s, I had to workout some bugs, but I finally got it to run good. I get a lot of looks and people always ask questions about the bike. The one thing that really surprised me about the bike, is that the 03 fuel injectors are really hard to find and they are pricey when you find them. Luckily it was not my fuel injectors that was my issue, so make sure you keep your fuel system clean.
    Pictures please!!

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