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Thread: Ram/Phone mount ideas and solutions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GregoXB View Post
    Quad lock #1
    How would you suggest I use one of those on a Firebolt?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TomRides View Post
    How would you suggest I use one of those on a Firebolt?
    You can try something like this:

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    I love having a phone and mount on my bike. I use it for GPS mostly. I bluetooth music and GPS directions right into my helmet with a Sena attached, and yes I can talk on the phone if I want to. I can even make phone calls hands free. I don't talk on the phone to gab, but its nice to have for emergencies and long rides.

    I've only got experience with a couple of different phone mounts, but make sure whatever clamps your phone to the mount doesn't interfere with the buttons on your phone. I had one mount that was hard to get my iPhone mounted securely without pushing in the two buttons on the left side of the phone.

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