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Thread: Upper Handle Bar Clamp bolts -- thread/pitch size?

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    Upper Handle Bar Clamp bolts -- thread/pitch size?

    I'm considering this ball mount that takes place of an existing bolt in the upper handle bar clamp:

    It is an M8 pitch diameter (1.25mm) that comes w/ 3 different screws: 25, 30, 35 m

    I believe our bikes use these bolts in SAE... 5/16"-18? This link on SPHD seems to be it, but the description says that on XBs it's for rear iso bolts, swingarm bolts, not exactly handlebar clamp screws: https://st-paul-harley-davidson-buel...rear-mount-b4h

    Any thoughts?

    EDIT: there is also an option to get just the ball and provide your own bolt... any recommendations for the bolt size? I figure I may be able to take it to a hardware store and get something a little bit longer w/ same grade and pitch:
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    The stock bolt size is 5/16"-18 and it is 1" long, I would get the mount then go to the hardware store and size out the proper bolt length.

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