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Thread: Running "dual headlight mod" dangerous?

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    Sweet, thanks for your responses! Seems like it is safe (with stock-ish) bulbs.

    HIDs or LEDs without projectors are downright dangerous IMO.

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    I usually toggle them for people. They are aimed right. I hate it when motorcycles leave their high beams on all the time. I get why some people do it but it really sucks to be driving towards one when they dont shut it off.

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    Listen up, I was involved in an accident Nov 2016, the moron, admitted that she never even looked down the road to see if Anything was coming, I could have been a cement truck with lasers shooting out the front, it would have made no difference !

    Bright, dull, loud, quiet, they don't know how to drive, it don't matter but, I went loud and bright, brights on all the time !

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