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Thread: Uly Comfort Kit sourcing and other questions

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    It's all in how you ask.The vast majority of people in here are nice, helpful, and mature so they don't like to be told what to do. This site is full of good technical info and good stories about Buells, I hope you can contribute.

    I'm sure you're a nice guy too, but your posts are pretty intense and demanding especially for such a simple question that has been asked by every new Buell owner ever. I'm trying very hard not to type "search, noob!" But you could....

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    You definitely seem to be missing the context of my posts. The first two posts you see in this thread were in response to someone else's post - which is now deleted. Nowhere did I tell or demand anything of anyone. Again, thanks for the info, I look forward to contributing to the site and learning from those with knowledge on the platform.

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