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Thread: 2009 XB12Scg - Cherry Bomb Red

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    2009 XB12Scg - Cherry Bomb Red

    Price: $5000
    Location: Philadelphia, PA
    Contact: We'll start with messaging here
    Name of Contact: Alec
    Vehicle Make: Buell
    Vehicle Model: XB12scg
    Vehicle Year: 2009
    Mileage: 10,600ish

    - Oil in motor and primary changed about 2 months ago (Mobil1 V-Twin)
    - Brand new battery 2 months ago
    - Tires replaced about a year ago, basically brand new
    - CRG mini bar-end mirrors
    - Shorty adjustable levers
    - Fresh K&N hiflow air cleaner
    - Jardine RT-1 carbon fiber exhaust
    - EBR Race ECM
    - Fender eliminator
    - GPRv4 steering stabilizer

    It's basically as good as it gets.

    Also, I've recently fixed the biggest gremlin to plague the 2009 Lightnings... the fuel pump. The whole assembly was replaced with a different model pump to ensure the issue didn't happen again. If you check with a Harley stealership, or any other shop for that matter, it's a $500 in labor job. Half of the places I called just said no. Since the pump is in the frame, it involves dropping out the swing arm, blah blah blah. I even built a rack to hoist the damn bike up so I could do the work. It's a huge job, and I spent a lot of time sorting it out... that's what I'm getting at here.


    I can grab more pictures if anyone's seriously interested.

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    Changing out the fuel pump is a big job, really ?

    Nice bike.

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    I agree on both statements ^^^^^.

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    I can have a fuel pump out in 10 minutes and I'm an idiot

    FYI, you are in PA, and there is a very smart Buell guy in PA with a shop. Just sayin'

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    Philly to Lancaster, 1.5 to 2 hours depending on where you are in Philly

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