Price (If Applicable): $6900
Nearest Location: Rochester, NY
Preferred Contact Method: Phone Number (listed in thread)
REAL Name of Contact: Matthew
Vehicle Make: EBR
Vehicle Model: 1190sx
Vehicle Year: 2015

Sold my last bike because it just sat in the garage... Bought this because well simply put, ITS AWESOME. Sadly it too has been an expensive decoration in my garage. Have easily spent more time looking at and detailing then actually riding.

Located in Ogden NY (10 min from DT rochester)

Price is going to be relatively firm at $6900.

The highlights:

- 2120 miles
- Genuine EBR Black tip kit
- Genuine EBR ECM for above w/ sprocket adjustment
- Vortex 43/520 rear sprocket (black)
- Giles Tooling Swingarm 6mm spools
- Techspec Tank and Frame grips
- Updated (Potted) Dash
- Shorai Battery
- Factory LED Headlight
- Motosock Reservoir socks
- EBR Front brake cooling ducts
- Printed Manual
- Documentation and receipts for all parts
- Have the stock exhaust, R&G exhaust hanger, extra bits, 2 Extra keys and Buell t-shirt

I have a walk around and start up video i can send you if you txt me, cant find anywhere to host it.

Bike is flawless, ill let the pictures speak for themselves.

Get ready for pics!

Easiest way to contact me is via txt/call 716-359- 2 ZERO 3 Zero


Easiest way to contact me is via txt/call 716-359- 2 ZERO 3 Zero