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Thread: F@ck this day----Buell down!! Need some advice

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    F@ck this day----Buell down!! Need some advice

    So my day went from **** to more ****. I came out of the grocery store to a lady telling me "i backed over your motorcycle" must have been the neck to ankle tattoos that gave it away (haha) Anyway, I didn't lise my **** on her and she was apologetic and very nice. I got her insurance info and at first glance it appears she backed into the little fairing (scratched up but not broken) snapped off the kickstand, shifter peg, and bar end mirror. Glad i had frame pucks. I think the bars are good but will have to check better later. Aside from feeling a little wobbly and having to lean it against my garage when i got home it started okay. Anything specific to look for or mention to the adjuster? Not trying to get screwed by little odds and ends or sensors etc that may. E damaged or need replaced. My poor lil Buell

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    At least she stayed to fess up.
    I walked out to my bike one morning to find, after I’d mounted it and started it, that my bike had been knocked over during the night. The person that knocked it over was nice enough to set it back on its kickstand and make it look like nothing happened!
    If you were able to ride it home and everything, all lights and what not, works fine I’d say you’re good to go.
    However, would be a good idea to make sure you haven’t developed any leaks anywhere and also check that everything under the seat looks as it should.
    Good luck with the insurance company!

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    Insurance will total it

    Get a good shop (or Harley dealer if you can) to estimate it and have her pay you cash.

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    What he said ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ !

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