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Thread: New here, need opinions for my XB9S

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    New here, need opinions for my XB9S

    I'm new to the buell world but have been observing market for a few months, I've settled upon this 2003 xb9s for city commuting and weekend fun, but mainly weekend fun.


    Looking to do a few aesthetic mods to it. It has cheapo signals in the front, those got to go. It needs a chopped tail or aftermarket tail, and possibly a seat. I'm looking for recommendation, or used part y'all might have.

    I've seen the diesel moto stuff, but would like to see other options.

    Also, if anyone has the diesel moto tail spacers id like to see pics.

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    SCG seat is nice... Rizoma makes beautiful aftermarket parts for Buells. I have LED turn signals front/rear.

    The PO of my bike did the tail chop, but it looks like the Diesel Moto example.

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