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Thread: Is the primary cover interchangeable between the Blast and XB9R?

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    Question Is the primary cover interchangeable between the Blast and XB9R?

    I have a 2003 XB9R, and cracked the primary cover. I'm finding what looks to be an identical cover, with the exception of the panel for chain viewing, for the Blast, at a fraction of the price. Are the gaskets and bolt patterns the same between the two? Please advise...


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    may look identical but they're not even close. NO chain/fluid fill inspection cover.......NO place to mount the shifter least one of the attachment holes on the top run will NOT line up.
    but then again considering the idiocy of this board lately be prepared for suggestions and responses such as:
    you don't need an chain inspection/oil fill window. just live without it.
    you can drill and tap some shifter mounting holes yourself.
    JB weld works nicely to fill in any cracks and crevices where things don't line up.

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    I have a pair of really nice XB primary covers in the for sale section.

    It's a bit more recent than replying to that 3 year old part-out thread

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