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Thread: Motoamerica NJMP

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    Ugh, NJ that sucks. If it's not together yet my good friend (and gear guy) makes an fix for that snap ring so it will never happen again. I could get one out to you quickly

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    I have to touch back on the subject of the mini gp bikes I mentioned earlier in the thread. As I was eyeball hustling these little works of art I saw a brochure on the table (the brochures looked expensive) so I asked the dude was it cool to grab one and he says absolutely man. So I grab one and proceed to walk back to my mountain bike to head off when the dude says.....let me give you my card, if you have any questions bro just give me a call. Right on I say and go about my business. His card was laying on the kitchen table as I was eating dinner later that evening and the name on it looked familiar. Little did I know I was standing in front of and speaking with a true American badass. Brandon is from Pennsylvania and has raced in the Ulster gp, Macau, and is most notably the youngest American to ever race and finish the legendary Isle Of Man TT. 20180908_172142_Film3.jpg20180908_172152_Film3.jpg

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    Pretty cool info Wally!!

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    wally: Cretu is from Felton...on the other side of the Susquehanna river from me. sleepy little town down in the river hills. i ride around that area alot day-trippin'. don't know him but must be one hell of a racer. i can have Jimmy stalk him if you'd like and procure more info if needed.


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    John, you do know that when our generation uses the term " day trippin " it gives the wrong connotations to the younger generations of today !

    Cooter, I don't know what spring clip you are referring too ? The transfer case ( TC ) pump rub issue has to do with the pump inside the TC rubbing against the magnesium back case half and, putting a hole in it. One must drop the TC and replace the back half. If one drops the TC before it gets a hole in it, then you could install as different after market thicker aluminum case half or, a different after market pump. You'd have to google it to really understand what I'm trying to explain, all I can say is GM knew about it for years and did nothing until 2007 or 2008.

    I'd like to know more about this spring clip ?

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