Every year just after my B-day, I like to pick a direction (not a destination), load up the saddle bags and go. Anywhere.
The only 'rules' I have for myself are to do the least amount of freeway miles possible, and If I start feeling like I'm in a hurry... to slow down.
The STT has morphed into the perfect bike for me to do that. It's super comfortable for 400 mile days, lots of suspension, and can kill corners even when loaded down with Bigfoot 'fridge magnets and stolen brewery coasters.

This year I left Los Angeles and headed North. I live on the coast, so thats how I went. Stopped at Big Sur to camp for a week with a friend. No cell service for a week!, yay!

WOXN6mXkR1ugOWW3zh4Lxw by Cooter!, on FlickrWoHJ1ldzRieMm9hLSmMBzA by Cooter!, on FlickrIMG_4604 by Cooter!, on Flickr