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Thread: 2008 XB9 Fuel Filter

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    2008 XB9 Fuel Filter

    The fuel filter is part of the fuel pump assembly located in the Fuel Tank. Does anyone know the part number of the metal filter? Is it still available? Any sources or work around?

    I cannot seem to locate the part.

    This is a 2008 City Lightning Xb9.

    I also need to change to Fuel pump. It seems to use a different part than the 2007 and earlier bikes.

    Brion S.

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    Thats a good find, but with my cursory look it doesn't look to include the metal filter (10).

    FWIW I have successfully used the universal metal bodied fuel filter. 5/16" (possibly 3/8") nipples IIRC from Napa for about $4.99. No issues with corrosion after being submerged for about 2 years now.

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