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Thread: WANTED: Later Model Year - Buell XB12 SS (Lightning Long)

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    Cool WANTED: Later Model Year - Buell XB12 SS (Lightning Long)

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm looking to get into a later model year Buell XB12SS Lightning Long. I'm a taller rider at 6 feet 2 inches and need the extra space. Looking for something with lower km's of course. Tasteful aftermarket mods are always welcomed, particularly having to do with the exhaust/tuning. I don't really have a budget in mind and it sort of depends on the specific bike.

    I'm a serious buyer who's looking to do some cafe racer mods of my own and am looking for a base bike.

    I like in Toronto, Canada and would organize the bike to be shipped or I would come pick it up. Cash in hand isn't an issue if you can put together a good deal.

    Thanks and looking forward to hearing some responses from those of you frequently checking or selling on the forum.

    ... and of course HELLO from Canada!


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    C123--Make every effort to buy a bike that has already been imported into Canada. I purchased an Ss in Canada about 18months ago and imported it back into the states. It is a process, and basically a pain in the ***. I am pretty sure importing one into Canada would be even more tedious.

    I recall quite a number of them for sale in and around Van. It would be more cost/time effective to fly out there and ship or drive it back to Tronto then deal with importing one.

    .02 worth


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    Central Soviet state of new jersey.
    I might be convinced to part with my low, low milage 07 SS, PM me and we can talk.

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    I'm currently selling my 2009 Buell XB12Ss Lightning with 2,373 Miles on eBay:

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