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Thread: Bar risers 09 xb12r

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    Oops, I assumed Lightning. Ignore my post. Wicked Chop nailed it and you can have clearance issues to the XBR fairing as well

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    No had sport bikes before, sold a monster a few years back, have bone cancer mostly in my spine so I sold my sportster custom because of the weight and went lighter with the Buell. Wanted a Buell because I have always thought they were amazing pieces of technology. That Eric is one mad motorcycle scientist!!!

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    Bone cancer? Wtf. That sucks man, sorry you're going through that. Wish you a full clean bill of health, get better bro!

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    Thanks, had a stem cell transplant so doing alright, strong enough to ride the xb12 no problem, looked at an Ebr thought the 170 ponies may be a bit much. Wife likes it so much she is looking for a newer xb9!

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    You can't buy the clips on from American Sport Bike anymore but a set could be made pretty easily.

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