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Thread: Adding o2 bung

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    No njloco , MS3 , it's one of those gangs from that caravan on the southern border. They are 10% nicer then the 13.

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    Central Soviet state of new jersey.
    That's funny ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ !

    We're kidding around a little, it seems to start happening when the riding season starts to come to an end.
    I've heard that adding a second O2 sensor is a good idea though I doubt I would ever do it , not having the computer skills to do it and seeing too many people asking how to do it, this is not mentioned to put you down in any way but rather just to show why I I'd be afraid to do it.

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    That's why you should. I like understanding how things work. Taking your time and understanding is key. Sometimes the most time consuming is trying to understand.

    You can only tune so much with a NB. Which I have done. Now I want to go-to the next step.

    Aside from 13's nicer sibling MS3 is a whole package to put in. Unlike 13 putting packages in people.

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