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Thread: Anyone else's bike buzzes in higher RPMs? (4.5-6k)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chicknstripn View Post
    Just curious, what diagnosis and or trouble shooting have you performed up to this point in time to try and pin point, identify or remedy the buzzing, vibration unnatural vibe?
    Have you adjusted your clutch and primary chain?
    Have you insured that shift linkage is secure?
    Have you checked EVERY possible fastener to insure none are rattling?
    If I recall correctly the service manual calls for a critical fastener Check every 10k. Personally I check all the fasteners i possibly can at every oil change. for a service manual
    So to rephrase my original problem, the shaking or vibration doesn't feel violent or dangerous in anyway.

    Thanks -- I have the service manual.

    The bike feels sorted and it honestly may be a non-issue. If anyone is in the Bay Area is willing to test ride the bike, I will exchange lunch for your opinions!

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    did you check the horn ?
    I had the same problem. Something was buzzing only at some RPM. It was the horn not fasten enough.

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