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Thread: 2008 Buell XB12SCG

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    2008 Buell XB12SCG

    2008 Buell XB12SCG 22K mi. Bike is in perfect running order and needs nothing to be ridden for some time. Has a new battery, tires still have life left, brakes have plenty of pad left, and I just changed all the fluids. I am the third owner. Previous owner treated it like his baby; so far as his wife was surprised he was selling it. Owner before hime was an older gentleman. Bike has always been maintained on time and with quality products. Bike has a number of goodies, plus quite a few extras to go with it.
    Custom silver pinstriping on front cowl
    Integrated digital volt meter
    Bar end mirrors with custom anodizing to match bike
    Aftermarket adjustable levers
    Gel grips
    Carmichael Pro Taper bars and appropriate adapters
    LED turnsignals
    Fender eliminator with integrated lighting for the plate
    Custom painted rims to match bike, with additional touch up paint
    Modified airbox with K&N filter
    Drummer exhaust
    Buelltooth ECM communicator
    ECM properly tuned for intake and exhaust mods

    Buell logos were removed from the airbox, but additional decals came with the bike. I never put them on as I thought the bike had a nice clean look to it without them.
    Also have custom decals to mount on the frame. It's the HD skull with Buell wings
    Rear pegs were removed, but will be included
    Factory Buell passenger seat expandable storage bag
    Have the factory Buell tool kit as well as a complete repair manual.
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    I dont see the price ?

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    Oops, sorry haha. Just took a portion of my CL ad for it and the bit that is necessary to weed out the idiots on there wasn't necessary on here...but that part had the price in it. KBB has it valued at $4400, not taking into consideration it's extras.

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