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Thread: Back to Buell, this time a Uly but which one?

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    thanks Mr. rider

    I kinda like the red but Sacramento is a long way to transport and $5k is out of my budget.

    I've seen the XT review a few times. I'll look at the Peter Egan review now even though I'm not going off-road.

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    Don't worry Bob, the right one will be obvious if you are patient
    Buell's have an oddly narrow re-sale range. Typically the $3000-$5000 range is where 95% of them get sold.

    What that means to you is that spending just slightly more will usually net you a vastly better bike. Spending that last $500 for a better example can save you $1000's in repair and mods. The reality is we all have a budget, or worse a 'Missus' but getting the right Buell for a little more will make the whole experience greatly better for you.

    All that ^^^^ is much more important if you're a take-it-to-the-dealer kind of guy. These are really simple machines and can stay inexpensive if you are able to fix the fiddly bits yourself.

    Good luck! Keep an eye on Buelly Baggers Buells for sale thread. It has become quite the resource Thanks for the contributions guys!

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