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Thread: 2009 Buell Lightning XB12scg

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    The swingarm is a couple millimeters taller on the arms and the axle has the internal dimensions from the 1125, not the XB.

    checked entire dealer network to include active part numbers...NLA part numbers...superseded part numbers....service bulletins...recall notices....chassis information addendums.....chassis part number changes if any. can find no mention whatsoever of any such thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by njloco View Post
    Yeah, it's minty and you do have a bunch of mods but it's a little high in the milage and your not the original owner, that's just the criteria I try to go by, but really nice bike.
    Haha you're right, but I have all the paperwork from the original owners. And for some perspective, my Apple Watch has recorded me walking/running 1,500 miles in just the last 12 months. This bike is from 2009.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cooter View Post
    NJ, 300-ish miles a year isn't even high mileage for a horse haha

    I still don't understand the swingarm thing, a couple mm? higher? lower? wider? Why? and I don't understand the axle thing either. If you don't want to get into it in your for sale thread thats cool. Like I said, just curious, no worries
    Alright the areas on the right and left side of the wheel, about 5cm forward of the axle, are taller than normal. Found this out while trying to fit the T-Rex axle sliders. Measured another XB at the same point and it was 5 mm different at the same point. T-Rex modified these ones so that they would fit.

    The orifice of the axle is different to stock. The left side of the axle typically has a 20mm pin to fit inside for the Trailer Restraint system. This axle has an 18.75mm orifice. The 18.75mm orifice is the 1125 size, not the XB.

    So far as I can tell, these parts are exclusively on this bike and therefore were prototypes of some kind.

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    Oh my. We all know what happens when we assume.

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