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Thread: fuel pump noise ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by XB9-Vtwin View Post
    The previous owner claims no problems.
    Of course he doesn’t... “it runs, what’s the problem?”

    That is only bested by “Bike doesn’t run, easy fix”

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    here's your situation and your remedies:
    1-i listened to your vid. your pump is shot. have heard these pumps emitting that racket 100X before and it signifies they're on their "death-bed". your future if not properly addressed? popped 10A pump fuse which you'll replace multiple times...then try a 15A fuse...then the pump will ultimately die at the gas pumps of some sh*t-mart 49 miles away from home and you're screwed.
    2-the pump in that link is garbage.
    3-click my "find latest threads"...then start to scroll. i have listed ebay links to proper rebuild kits...factory OEM part numbers you'll need to order....housing O-ring info....vids of R&R for these to rebuild articles. all there for your perusal and dissection.
    and please allow me to be blunt: you should spend less time clowning around on here with nonsensical "bring back buell" articles and focus your energies on repairing/replacing that pump. i can assure you it's going to leave you stranded.

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