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Thread: 2019 Buell Calendar !!!

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    2019 Buell Calendar !!!

    So whos interested in being in the 2019 Buell Calendar? Ive had a bunch of people ask me if we were going to do this again so lets get this going!!!

    FYI: This is the submission thread only, I will make an order thread after the pictures have been picked, prepayment is a must.

    Submission guidelines:

    RULES: Post up 1 picture per person AND ONLY 1, (This is different from years past) You can post the picture here and also on facebook. ( )
    After posting your picture, you MUST e-mail the high quality pictures to with the subject line BUELL CALENDAR SUBMISSION� Please include your user name and Name. If you do not receive a reply email, your email was not received!
    Pictures must be high quality. If you do not email your high quality pictures to the above email then your pictures will be eliminated. Blurry and undersized pictures will not be excepted so PLEASE keep that in mind when choosing a picture.
    Submissions will be open from today, October 24, 2018 through November 14, 2018.
    The voting thread will be created on November 19th, and voting will be open until sometime around Thanksgiving.
    Ordering will take place at the same time as the voting thread, details and specific costs will be figured out by then. Payment will only be accepted via paypal.

    Please keep this thread clean from unnecessary banter. Please do feel free to post relevant questions/comments. Also please do not hesitate to e-mail me or PM me.

    Thank you!!!

    and........ GO

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    Great looking pics so far guys, gonna be tough competition. Delta daddy, phenomenal pic without question, doesn't really show the bike though.

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    I think Midway needs to submit some pics of his bike.

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