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Thread: WTB - 2009 or 2010 xb12scg

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    WTB - 2009 or 2010 xb12scg

    Iím located in New England. Willing to travel/ship for the right bike.

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    Central Soviet state of new jersey.

    Your going to have to look real hard, 09 and 10 are not easy to find. I'm sure there are more, I know a guy upstate NY, he picks up and delivers bikes all over, he got me mine from Houston TX, reasonably priced and a nice person to do business with, let me know if you need his number.

    Good luck.
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    I have a 2008 I'm thinking of selling. It needs nothing. Replaced the fan, rocker gaskets (with James gaskets), O2 sensor, plugs and wires last fall. Voltage regulator as well - made a custom stand off/heat shield for this so it doesn't cook on the front cylinder. I also have the right side scoop, and both a standard and Scg seat for it....and the Buelltooth and Buell saddlebags. Also did the breather mod and replace the PCV's and grommets. And the battery is newer, too. About 11k miles. Tires still good - 2 years old. Here's a photo of it. PM me if you would be interested.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucas View Post
    I’m located in New England. Willing to travel/ship for the right bike.
    I'm in Boston. this is my bike.

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