My new to me 1125cr makes a little knock, click, bonk noise when I sit on the bike and manually pump the front end. I believe the sound is made when the forks are compressed and uncompressed in 1" of travel. I put the bike on a rear jack stand and raised the front wheel off the ground by jacking it up, under the front of the exhaust. I wiggled and shook the front wheel, bars and triple clamp while feeling around the steering head bearings. I found no play. I didn't feel the front end was loose or tight. I can almost feel the knock when I put my hand on the frame, at the triple camp. I have wiggled the brake line, clutch line, throttle cables and wiring harness and I can not re-create the sound. The motorcycle has 20,000KMS.

I suspect I need to re-torque the triple claps and head bolt to factory specs first. Do these bikes have a history of early steering bearing failure? My XB clicks a little bit too, but not as loud as this. Its really noticeable. I will also pull the front wheel and verify the front wheel bearings and axel look ok.

Any other ideas?

Good thing its October and Snowing here!