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thanks for the reply John

I will do a fork oil change, cheap and easy enough. I do have a local suspension guy that I will have inspect the forks if the fork oil flush/change doesn't work. It's not leaking any fork fluid so I haven't messed with the forks.

How would you recommend locking up the primary drive of an XB/Tubber - EVO motor? Lots of people use the brass hinge trick. Some actually buy the "tool" (4" soft metal plate) and I have seen a plastic stair case looking thing that just scares me.

I have used the leather belt (doubled over it self) suck in the bottom of one sprocket and the top of the second sprocket, between the teeth and primary chain. It causes the primary chain to pull equally to the top and bottom of both sprockets. It takes a quarter turn to remove the slack in the belt and chain. I always double check that the belt, when taunt so it does not interfere with the shiftier linkage.

I'm not disagreeing with you, Just want to make sure I'm doing it right. I'd rather buy the right tool and use the right technique over the BIG HAMMER approach.
thanks for the reply John
yes sir my pleasure.

I have seen a plastic stair case looking thing that just scares me.
that thing is garbage and most knowledgeable outfits have stopped selling it.
Jim's tool #5520 or make your own out of a piece of delrin which is cheap and readily available.
the "brass hinge trick" works but better left to an emergency roadside repair in the parking lot of a hardware store.