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Thread: to change temperature sensor Buell XB9?

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    to change temperature sensor Buell XB9?

    I'm from Brazil. Could you tell me how to change the temperature sensor of the Buell XB9R? I also need directions on where to buy. Give me that strength, please!
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    Hello to Brazil! and welcome to the forum

    The service manual will give you the step by step instructions you are asking for. You can find a free download at or

    There are a ton of places on the world wide web to get parts. You can find most every Buell part you need at either (new) or

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    you sir clearly need help and you're not getting it here. PM me and i'll send you my email along with appropriate part numbers and the part number for the socket that you'll be needing for the ETS to build your own socket for free. NOTE: only 4 ETS sensors left in the parts system. both Birmingham, AL and Milwaukee, WI distribution centers now have all ETS numbers including superseded numbers listed as NLA. 2 available thru New Castle H-D.... 1 available thru Lancaster H-D....i have 3 in stock. i'll ship you a new one over if necessary.
    good luck!

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