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Thread: Thinking of selling...what's the market like?

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    If you're buying motorcycles to make money, you're doing it wrong

    Buell's are fantastic because you get one hell of a great dependable bike for really low $$, and can sell it in the same shape for about the same money. For me, lack of depreciation is a big win!

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    lack of depreciation is a big win!
    exactly! I can't really complain about owning my 2007 ulysses for 9.5years and only getting about 4-5k less than every dime i ever put into it! Yes that includes the original "untitiled" price i paid for it in '09 all the mods and maintenance for nearly 10 years. I'm very happy with that. Compare that to my softail slim that i had for just over one year and lost almost 3k (traded it in)! So buells as an investment in a motorcycle to RIDE are absolutely great! To make money on... not so much. Hopefully for everyone's sake who is holding on to them, i will be kicking myself in the A$$ in ten years for selling because they're worth a fortune... we'll see.

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    I'm just waiting for more scaredy-cats to sell their Buells for dirt cheap. It's a great time to buy and these fantastic machines never fail to put a smile on my face

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