All Buell ECM's '03-'07 DDFI-2 and '08-'10 DDFI-3 are physically interchangeable* regardless of model.
The "CAN-bus" is simply how these ECMs communicate. It's what Kevin Flynn had to do to the MCP

TomSH: It's not a module, it's internal in the ECM. You'd need the 'password' (the language, the speed) to communicate with it, and the DDFI-3 ECM in your bike has double the baud rate of the older DDFI-2 units. Man it would be and fairly easy to retro fit the later ECM's to the earlier bikes, but I digress.

Good news for you! These ECMs have already been jail-broken so no need to start from scratch. Look up ECMSpy and TunerPro if you want to manipulate data or use external gauges. ECMDroid (free on GooglePlay) is a simpler version depending on what you want to do. The first 2 programs use a deutch connector to USB wire, the third is wireless (Bluetooth). You don't even need to build a communicator from scratch, I like the Bluetooth dongle I got from Theres some e-bay ones with mixed results. It's an easy thing to make but... China.

* no active exhaust terminal for stock exhaust on the early XB9 ECM's

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