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Thread: Cherry Bomb Airbox Cover

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    Sure, but we know that Buell isn't making any more airbox covers. SPHD is just saying that.

    Theres a couple forum members who are legit body/paint guys. I would listen to them if they pipe up, but if you want my advise, this works for me:

    Do NOT use adhesive removers that soften the plastic! You're attempt to cheat will fog the plastic Good ol' elbow grease FTW.
    A 'New' translucent cover with the City X on it will be MUCH easier to remove than one that's been outdoors for 10 years. Still some work, but totally do-able

    Cooter advise:
    If you want what you want, you'll have to work for it.

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    I did a Fleebay search for Cherry Bomb Airbox Cover and got this


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