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Thread: What year/model is the best or most desirable?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pdksh View Post
    Iím always looking for the phantom 6th gear. My pick is the X1. The bike is a tad psychotic. I find the narrow part of the seat at the gas tank uncomfortable but for irritating the locals thereís nothing better.

    I havent ridden a 6 speed bike for awhile, so I've stopped looking for 6th.... but now I probably will since I mentioned it.

    I think the biggest point for most desirable.... is what is most desirable to you and for what reason? Like Cooter, I prefer M2's for the more comfortable ride and relaxed bike. Or do you want something a bit more unique like a 98 S1 White Lightning? Or maybe one that makes the most power? Then X1.

    I've never been a fan of the touring models, but people who own them tend to swear they are the best yet. S3T comes to mind as being the crowd favorite.

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    The Tubers are awesome!!! different animal than the XB, not better or worse, just different. I have an S3 with the wide seat, so much nicer on the family jewels than the X1... Eric really needed to come out with a factory recall on that seat! Both of mine have fuel injection but if I could really have my way an S1 or S2, better yet an RS1200 Westwind!!! I don't think anybody today would realistically be purchasing a buell tuber to gobble up the miles so have some fun!!! That's not a knock about the reliability, I just choose not to take my tubers any farther then my GF is willing to come to pick me up :-0

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