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Thread: 1125 Drummer Exhaust, Mint Condition

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    1125 Drummer Exhaust, Mint Condition

    Asking $650.00

    Open to offers.
    (MSRP: $979.95)

    Located in Indianapolis.

    Buyer pays for shipping, I can quote shipping for you.

    Drummer is clean, no dents on the can. The tip on the can has been trimmed to fit a larger tire, see photos, the cut is clean.

    There are two small blemishes on the pipes. These can be seen in the photos. The discoloration is from fiberglass burning against the pipe, a little polish will probably clear it up. There is a small dent that is not visible when the pipe is mounted. It looks like this may have been made on purpose as a stop?

    Drummer boasts that there is no tune needed, plug and play on the 1125.

    See all photos here:

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