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    ecmspy help

    Need help getting ECMspy working on my windows10 laptop. Downloaded and installed ecmspy, downloaded the needed database for my 04(BUEGB). First keep getting the "Failed to load FTD2XX.DDL driver. I have the driver installed and the windows says that it is up to date. Then tried just emailing the copy of the map from Buelltooth over to my laptop. That worked but when I go to open file in ecmspy it keeps popping up an error telling me that I need to download the data base. Keep reading the ecmspy web page, cable page and just lost quite frankly.


    Was able to sort out the crappy idle and stumbling down when quickly bleeping throttle. After some reading it seems like there are few people who have same issue with engine stumbling/bogging down when quickly cracking throttle wide open from idle. Lots of post about how its normal because its a V-twin with big displacement, what a load of crap. My 103 c.i. has a nice ,crisp response if cracking throttle quickly, unlike Buell.
    Changed main timing table for both cylinders. Advanced spark quite a bit around idle and low speed. Made massive improvement to throttle response. Seems like there is still plenty of room left to keep bumping up the spark because idle speed kept climbing at 10 degrees and warm engine. Not sure why spark advance was set to zero degrees at idle. Never seen an engine with timing set to zero at that range.
    Might make a video to better show original idle vs more timing.
    Thanks for your help Cooter and _sosa_

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    Ok trying to work the TunerPro RT, following all the instructions and got to the 7.a. where manual directs you to download XDF and ADX files but the link is dead. Any one on here wants to share those or have a live link?

    Here is the link to PDF i'm using to set up the TunerPro RT

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    For those looking for the XDF and ADX files, BuellTooth web page has them under the download section.
    I bought the bike used and it has never ran correctly. When it starts to warm up and engine temp is in between ~120 and ~160 it runs like crap. Wants to stall, idle rough, when opening throttle above ~30% bike stumbles on its face, have to gradually increase load on it. This is the reason I'm trying to get a program to be able to get this thing running correctly.
    Well I think I got the TunerPro RT to work on my laptop. Have yet to connect it to my bike and wont be able to until Sunday, but looks like I can see my current program. Emailed a copy from ECMDroid.
    Is there a way to use ECMDroid to download XDF files to the bike? Or a way to save XDF as XPR so that ecmdroid can recognize them?

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    Wow. You have jumped both feet into the deep end. Good luck! If you want to save yourself a ton of time and trouble, step back and see how simple the issue is. Allow me to make a couple suggestions in a slightly different direction:

    How did you diagnose it's the ECM programming? I've seen the symptom you have, it was a faulty temp sensor. Datalogging on ECMDroid will help you diagnose all the sensors and see what the ECM is doing while its warming up. Changing the programming without proper diagnosis WILL be a nightmare and can mask the true problem.

    ECMDroid is great for diagnosis and installing existing programs. ECMSpy and TunerPro are MUCH better for custom tuning using MLV. But custom tuning requires a dyno time, good WB O2 sensors, is expensive, time consuming, and rarely necessary. Unless you've installed cams, a 1250 kit, head work, turbo, or something more than just a K&N and exhaust, the tunes have been done and done and done and are available from many sources.

    If you insist its a programming issue (super, super, super, rare), install a known good map different from your own and see if that corrects your specific problem. If the problem stays, guess what, the problem is still on the bike.


    If the problem goes away with a map change, you're done. Or lets say you like the map you have and want to fix it... The cold enrichment percentage is an easy change within the fuel program and still does not need custom fuel mapping. You can't even tune with an O2 because the bike will still be in open loop... because it's cold.

    Good luck and happy riding

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    Thanks for the advice. Bike has no codes so the only reliable way for me to see the reason for crappy performance is data log and programing software. Also Tuner Pro should be able to help me see if the temp sensor is truly faulty. Wasn't planing on making any changes to any of the tables unless there was a need.
    Cooter what is MLV?
    Also how do you guys data log with TUnerPro, besides riding with the laptop in a backpak? Will data loged file from ECMDroid work in TunerPro?

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    You are referencing several programs and it's confusing. Stick with one, and learn it. IMO ECMDroid is much easier to use for diagnosis, which is what you are doing

    Looking for a code is only the first and most basic step in diagnosis. You could have a stored code without the CEL illuminating. ECMDroid will tell you. If you do, don't just clear it like a total rookie would. That doesn't fix anything and you would be erasing a valuable clue. Got a stored code? What is it?

    Yes, you should datalog. It's easier and much safer than trying to watch the live data as you ride. All the programs will datalog. Don't worry about the format, you aren't changing anything. You are looking at the data. If you prefer to datalog with TunerPro, yes, you'll need a cable and a laptop, if you use ECMDroid, you can Bluetooth to a phone in your pocket.

    For example. Start the bike cold and start datalogging immediately, go for a ride and if it runs poorly, run it through that area the most often. Stop datalogging (10 mins is a good length) and look at the info. Is the temp sensor signal erratic? Is the CPS signal erratic? Whats the AFV? Did it change? Whats the EGO correction? Whats the ECM trying to do? This will be a little harder if the running issue is cold and the bike doesn't get to CL operation, but it also eliminates several possibilities.

    This is where the diagnosis lives ^^^^ and is still very very far from manipulating the fuel map.
    MLV=Mega Log Viewer, it's how you see the datalogs.

    What is your current AFV?
    Did the bike run better with a different fuel program loaded?*

    *This is by far the easiest, and fastest, and cheapest (free), bit of diagnosis you can do for the running problems you described.

    Remember if you load a new fuel program with ECMDroid, your ECM parameters change with it. Be sure to re-set the AFV to 100 (I also set the limits at 90-110) and check the fan settings too because some were backwards.

    Or just start swapping parts. A new battery, check the grounds, a TPS, a CPS, a temp sensor, intake seals, plugs, wires, coil. Heck, buy a fuel pump too. 'Totally guessing' is usually how these threads go And don't forget SeaFoam!

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    Cooter I wont be able to get to my bike until tonight or maybe even tomorrow.
    AFV is at 103.5 right now. There are no codes. I have not loaded any different programs on it. Only changed fan set points because they were backwards.

    Once i have actual information to share I'll make a post again.
    Thanks for your help.

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    Got a 10 minute warm up file, looking through it its kinda hard figure out whats what for the first time, very overwhelming. Ton of parameters and data to sift through. The only thing that jumps up at me right now is the spark advance drops off after 60 degrees C and engine starts to run idle like crap when it gets to about 85-90C. Even then I'm not sure that is the problem because I don't have a stock or a known good running map to compare too. All I have is crap map that the bike originally came with.
    Any one want to email me a copy of their map just so that I have something known good to base my work off of? Also I can post a 10 minute warm up of my bikes .msl file.

    Here is a screen shot of me cracking throttle wide open and bike stalling out. Hope its readable.

    And few seconds prior

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    Made first adjustment to Idle Spark Advance Temperature Adjustment table. Bumped 60C from 7 to 12 and 160 C from 0 to 2. Made big difference.
    Can some one please look at their 2004 BUEGB map and see what that table is set for?

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    updated main post.

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