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Thread: Hyper-motard hand guards

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    Hyper-motard hand guards

    Hey guys, long time lurker here. Anyone ever actually mounted the Hyper's handguards to a Lightning? I have had mine since '06 and want to change it up a bit. I have always thought those would be really wicked on a Lightning. I do have the Cross-Roads clip on bars on my Lightning, however.

    On a side note, what are the good part suppliers for us these days?

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    The stock STT hand guards will probably be less trouble to install. The clip-ons shouldn't matter.

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    I have the CityX. Just absolutely love the signals and mirrors all contained into the hand guard on the Hypers. They also have the added benefit of being a lot brighter and more noticeable. I feel a lot more confident on my 1125R when I am out and about just because of it's far superior signals...and lights for that matter.

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