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Thread: !!!!please help!!!!

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    Angry !!!!please help!!!!

    I ride a 2004 XB12R it rides perfect for about 15-20 minutes then starts to sputter and lose power, when I stop at a light and shift into neutral it will sometimes fix itself for a bit and run fine for a few minutes the. Start to sputter and lose power. I'm no expert but I've worked on bikes for years, to me it sounds like it starts missing and I lose power in one cylinder, the check engine light sometimes comes on while it's happening and sometimes it doesn't. It idles perfect! Twist the throttle in neutral and it revs perfectly, only happens after about 20 minutes of riding. I've replaced the plugs, and the ignition pickup sensor. Any help

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    CEL activating for a reason. check stored historical fault codes.
    most likelihood a 14 year old failing fuel pump along with clogged filters.

    here ya go....

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