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Thread: Project 2004 XB9S

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    Project 2004 XB9S

    Hi, my name is Carsten, from Auckland, New Zealand
    and I have just bought myself a bit of a project,

    04 XB9S with 13,961km on the clock

    it's a non-runner at this stage. has a fuel issue which i suspect is the fuel pump,
    but I wont know for sure till its delivered (starts and runs with squirt of gas down the intake)
    it's missing a few bits, nothing major, just needs a TLC

    I've already started buying parts that i can see are missing,

    just finding i hard to decide what colour it will be when its done
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    Nice! Have fun with your project. Just a FYI that is a 9SL, its the low model.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oh9bolt View Post
    Nice! Have fun with your project. Just a FYI that is a 9SL, its the low model.
    great! how can you tell that? from the seat?... suits me fine, not being the tallest guy in the world

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    I can tell by the forks and the rear shock color. The 4th and 5th digit in you vin will be WX which denotes that it is a low model.

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    Correct , 9bolt knows his bikes. ^^^^^^^

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    Almost done, needs the headlight changed for a stock unit so I can register it to for road use here in NZ.
    but I took her for a short 40km ride on a private roads today,
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    That is a stock headlight.
    Did you get it running and if so, what was the problem ?

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    Since you said you were from New Zealand, I can't HELP but to read all your posts in a Kiwi accent

    Bike looks great! Is the registration process hard over there?

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    Nice Job!!

    2006 Buell XBRS LightningBolt

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