Decided I'm going to take the plunge and start doing my own tire changes.

Front tire on the 1125 is my first go at it.

My first speed bump was lack of a 22mm hex bit. Mine did not come with that adapter in the tool bag and jamming a spark plug wrench in there didn't seem like a great idea. Ordered the multi-size axle socket from Amazon.

Next potential problem is getting the caliper off. Since I have it on a standard front fork stand I can't easily rotate the caliper holder to remove it as instructed in the service manual.

If I remove the axle and drop the wheel (thereby allowing it to move towards the motor a bit) will I have enough room to wiggle off the caliper?

I suppose this is a long way of asking if the front tire be changed using a standard front fork wheel stand?

If no one knows I'll follow up and answer the question for posterity.