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Thread: Dragging clutch

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    Dragging clutch

    Hi all.
    2006 XB9SX approx 48000 km.
    I have had the bike about 18 months, in which time I have put on about 18000 km.
    Since I got it, I've had the dragging clutch issue. I have on several occasions adjusted
    as per the correct procedure, and also adjusted the primary chain tension.
    About 3 months ago I pulled off the primary cover to
    see if I could identify any obvious problems. Didnt see anything, so I put it all
    back together with new oil, adjusted again. It worked well for a few weeks, then
    back to square one. Now the strange part is that it only drags when hot. When cold
    it shifts beautifully and I can pop it into neutral anytime. As it gets hotter, it gets
    more and more difficult to shift. If I come off the highway, I have to use effort to gear down, and
    if I dont get it into neutral before it stops rolling, it wont go in at all. I can feel the bike
    pulling forwards. Once its cooled off again, its perfect.
    Any ideas ? Could it be oil, I'm using a 10W40 motobike specific oil
    The 20W50 gives the same behaviour. Here is SA we dont necessarily have the variety of oil options you have.

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    think in these terms: though your XB clutch is a "wet design" and manual trans cars are a "dry single" design...the working elements are basically the same. if your car clutch is at the end of its life for whatever the reasons amount of adjustment will bring it back to life. unless there's something going on with your XB that you've not divulged....same situation for you. your clutch pack likely is finished. no amount of inspection, adjustment, chain tension changes, or fluid changes will solve your issue. a wet style cycle clutch not only will slip badly but will also drag like hell when it's expiring. another clue to a clutch pack on the way to the death-row is a properly adjusted cable along with clutch tension screw.....and yet the clutch engagement point is always near the end of the lever throw. the dragging clutch extremely hard on both the trans internals and entire shifting mechanism.
    NOTES: contrary to what the uninformed may tell you.....H-D sportster clutch components do NOT interchange with XB clutch components. why? the XB clutch baskets are "sprung".....sportster basket is solid. XB is sprung to absorb and dissipate driveline shock. 2-the diaphragm pressure spring is NOT pushed by the actuator assembly as in many models. it is PULLED by the actuator. keep this in mind when ordering parts and performing adjustments. recommend you not only replace the friction and metal clutch pack plates, the diaphragm spring.....but also the hub bearing assembly. now your next question will be: where do i find these parts?
    H-D dealership
    Rivera driveline components website.
    Barnett """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
    sadly your South African customs agency is one of the worst in the world so expect a few "we don't ship there" responses from major suppliers. an unfortunate truth.
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    While I do agree that a clutch at its end has to be replaced, my symptoms should then always be there.
    My adjustment still has plenty to go, and the bite point is still where it should be. There is also no
    slip at all in any gear or any condition, and the drag only appears when hot. This is not what I'm used to
    from a worn clutch, thus my post.
    Any yes sadly no-one will ship to SA due to multiple of reasons, customs being one, theft also
    a major issue. I do have friends who travel however so I can get parts if need be.
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    I'd try the basics as well. Hows the clutch lever perch? Is the cable routing loose and flexible (not tied up tight somewhere)? Is the cable burned from the header (near the adjustment)?

    If you loosen the adjustment to where it works well when hot. How bad is it cold? Not engaging or just engage late?

    Could you go over the "as per correct procedure" you use to adjust it?

    Sure, It could be oil.

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    First off your using the wrong oil. You can get by with 20/50 but should shot for a primary specific 20/50 sinthic oil.
    Next time you have your primary of pull your clutch pack clean it and just check it for wear and hot spots. That will give you all of the answers you need

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    Possibly warped friction plates, they might not slip but they will drag due to warpage. Raising temperature warps them even harder. You can adjust you clutch when it is hot, but it might sleep when it will be cold. If it will help, there are deformed friction plates.
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    Ok just a follow up on this.
    I havent used the bike since Feb because of this
    so now its time to address the clutch. Tonight I pulled the clutch pack apart.
    I noticed on inspection that many of the fibre plates are worn to the point that you can no longer see
    the segmentation marks. A quick measure on the stack gives me around 17mm, which is just barely
    in spec. So now I'll be looking to see for anything in SA before looking across the waters.
    Everytime our president opens his mouth, our currency suffers, and he's had a lot to say lately.
    Anyone know of any other bike which uses the same friction plates ?
    Anyway, thats my story for now.
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    Try to find a drag specialist dealer/supplier in your area. Drag specialists carries a friction plate kit for 2000-2017 xb models.
    Or take one of your friction plates to a local HD dealer and see what they have that might be your best option.

    Some good info can be found in this old thread:
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    "Everytime our president opens his mouth, our currency suffers, and he's had a lot to say lately."

    Sorry, but kind of funny, everytime our president opens his mouth, our currency goes up, or a at least our retirement accounts do !

    Good luck getting it fixed, oh and, the lunaticfringe was right again !

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    Yep. Let's hear it for America. 👍

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