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Thread: Confusion on 2009 xb9sx fuel pump

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    Quote Originally Posted by lunaticfringe View Post
    Sir: and yet more potentially confusing "fuel pump info" that needs clarification:
    1-whether a Buell XB is an S....R...or any of the "long frame" variants such as Stt, X,XT....makes no difference re. the pump.
    2-IN YOUR PICTURE the pump on the LEFT is early style pump....factory part # P0130.5A8----SUFFIX B4U.
    IN YOUR PICTURE the pump on the RIGHT is later style pump....factory part # P0130.5AA----NO SUFFIX
    3-they DO interchange but there is a slight difference in the wiring plug that must be addressed. pump pressure for ALL 2003-2009 pumps the same....2010 regulator and pressure different.
    attached is pic of new unboxed pump i pulled out of inventory to show you EXACTLY what the 2008-2009 OEM NEW pump looks like.

    Attachment 10887
    With regards to the wiring.. any tip on how to go about it.?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chazaag View Post
    Lunatic - had an 07 Uly in my shop- guy had damaged his stock pump so he got an 04 to put in there. That pump was too long, would not fit ... just my observations....hence my comments above...
    Fortunately the pump was a fit. But I now have issues with the wiring..

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